Saturday, March 21, 2009

yes virginia, one day you wil get older.

the Dora dilemma. [oh noes! you mean little girls grow UP?] how unrealistic. why i never....

i am just going to say that while i don’t particularly agree with the redesign of toys for older kids and leaving out this [original] doll, i will say that i personally know of a little girl who at around ages 4-6 looked so much like Dora. then about a year ago i saw her, and she is older and guess what? she looks JUST like the new tween version of dora…. so it’s not just some trashy thing to abuse girls. girls do get older. and this is a toy that is on its way out without an update, so i kind of get it seeing as how my fianceé is in marketing. i think the thing is to realize that the make-up might be a bit over the top, but it’s not “evil” or anything. i DO, however, agree that the skin lightening and the facial structure is slightly different [more anglo] so, hrm. it’s just wacky. though it could just be the hair making things look so structurally different. she definitely is thinner, but again, this is a part of the process for many girls in growing UP. we get taller and we thin out. so conversely, a toy redesign and logo update are nothing new. and if you want to turn the tables, look at what has happened to boys’ toys… oh wait! they have ALWAYS been about violence and unattainable muscle mass. my bad.

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