Friday, March 20, 2009


i REALLY don't enjoy looking for a new house. sure, like everyone i don't like moving and packing and all that stuff, but i have just grown so used to my place. i really love that it's mostly MINE. we were allowed to paint it and decorate with minimal input from the landlord. so that's great. but i guess we're sort of in a rut, and our landlord isn't really helping by not fixing some major problems.

the worst thing about a new place is trying to figure out what exactly we'll need and what to look for in a house that we can possibly have in our lives for several years. being sick right now does not help any of this. i know my lack of nutrition and exercise has really jolted my immune system. i am probably the LEAST healthy i have been in many moons. sadly.

i think i am just reaching some kind of turning point. i have SO many opportunities in my career and in my personal life, that the options seem overwhelming. while it might sound exciting, the truth is, i just like laying around and watching TV and dancing with my daughter, so to have so much to decide, just makes me full of anxiety.

i think it will get taken care of. we have a mantra around our house:
Good Things Are Coming.

i just have to find the strength to believe and conquer.
with courage and a sound mind, i know i can get through this.
but right now folks, i am weak. like a tiny baby. i appear so strong, but inside, i just wish i didn't have to make choices!

take care,

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