Sunday, March 22, 2009

'Rattlesnakes' will help you through a break-up

the three best break-up songs for me. there are so many more, it seems like my life is based on heartache and breaking up with really good guys. i *think* i am settled down now, but who knows? ...breaking up is almost natural to me at this point. :)

Rattlesnakes by Tori Amos

the lines "she's oblivious despite herself" make this an awesome break-up song. and the line "it's so hard to love when love was your great disappointment." LOVE this song, and Tori's version is my favorite.

Original of the Species (killahurtz Casa De Angeles Mix) by U2

This was actually sent to me by an ex-boyfriend, which is cool because i kind of got his point of view on the break-up mess. we followed one another around online even after the break-up, for over six years. sometimes i drag out this song to have a pity party... and the killahurtz mix is really awesome.

The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap

this song will make anyone think and rethink a souring relationship. you know when things just start to smell rancid and you both know it's ending soon- but who goes first? GAH. i love imogen so much. she owns me and my post-break-up heart.

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