Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First rule of relationships: Never go to bed angry.

never go to bed angry.
if you've been fighting, the rule applies even if you live apart. this isn't just for women, either, guys. you have to play nice before bed. let's face it, make-up sex is good, but a lasting relationship is better. work it out, even if you both end up drawing blood. [just kidding.]

strong silent type's are a no-no
long after clint eastwood has gone into his little silent womb of noncommunicative pouting, a girl can finally see that the strong silent type isn't all it's cracked up to be. men who communicate their fears, ambitions and emotions are FAR better lovers in the end. same goes for females. if you can't tell him what you like, don't like and want- fuggetaboutit. it's not about being demanding, it's about knowing that your opinions and emotions are valid, so validate away! it's like that billy joel song: TELL HER ABOUT IT.

gift-giving and small words mean the world
on a shitty day, everthing seems bleak. you hate your body. you're PMSing to the Nth degree. your mother is sick. your family is falling apart. your dog shit on the rug again. there is no milk and traffic is horrible. so coming home to a hand-written note or a sweet text sent in the middle of rush hour can be awesome! it really does mean the world to someone wh is having a bad day, or even a good day. little notes, small tokens of appreciation and confirmation of love can be the sweet icing on any relationship's cupcake. and it doesn't have to cost a thing, but don't go cheap all the time. flowers and new underwear are a sure bet for sex, guys.

nagging is really ugly
nobody likes to be nagged. when you find yourself brow-beating and emasculating your boyfriend, make sure you check yo' self bitches. nagging is one thing [in my opinion] - a projection of your own insecurities. if you find yourself nagging a lot, maybe you are unhappy with what's in the mirror. keep yourself in check fist, then nag him later. granted, if his shoes are so smelly thy havt to remain in the hallway, a little nag might be the jump start he needs to take better care of himself. and about that smoking habit: the truth is, nobody ever quit because someone nagged them. keep positive and wait out any potential issues with your man [or lady] and things usually iron themselves out. can't HELP but nag because he's just so, GRRR? find a new boyfriend, dood.

remember your first date and often
looking back may be a sort of counterproductive thing in life, but in relationships it can really make a huge difference in a stale rut that many find themselves in. go for the gusto! eat at a park. take him out for cheeseburgers even though it's not on either of you diets. go to a cheesy movie or call out for pizza and play a game of checkers. whatever you did that first week [and don't we all remember? i know i do...] just get going in the backward direction. you started to love this person for some reason, right? why not remind yourself.