Monday, March 23, 2009

My bucket list starts with: take my daughter to the Grand Canyon

before i die? how about before i turn 40?

take my daughter to the Grand Canyon
because in terms of God, i have never seen anything close to it. but the Grand Canyon is just awe-inspiring. one of the things that renews my faith.

meet philip roth
he's probably the closest thing ever to my perfect imagined man... he's the holder of my sweet innocent childish "daddy" fetishes and the intellectual woman's diseased infatuation. professorial and dirty; i think meeting him would change my life. will it happen? eh, who knows. probably not. he's reclusive and i'm a world away. but if ever- yes. i'd jizz in my pants.

have a diamond wedding ring
i have never owned a diamond ring that was bought especially for me. it may sound shallow, but it's a princess thing. i think all little girls want to be a secret princess and all women secretly want a big diamond from their husband.

have sex with a woman
i have had sex with girls, but not women. and i think now that i am older it would be very different and i'd like to find out if it's as awesome in real life as it is in my head. haha. plus i doubt my boyfriend would mind very much.

meet crystal acebal
she's this, you know, this member of the internet literati. i love her words and i love her mind. i have such deep feelings for this person i have never even spoken to on the phone. we've been internet friends for, well, going on 10 years now. it's AMAZING. to love and respect someone so much after that long. i just imagine hugging her to be the most warm and haling thing i'll ever do. no pressure! but that's it. meeting her would totally change me. i know this.

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