Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't say 'otherworldly' around me

because of the people who use it. rather the *type* of 20-something internet shithead girl who uses it in reference to art, writing or photos. give me a fucking break.

again, i actually don't mind the word, i just dislike it when someone uses it incorrectly. here is the definition:

schmaltz | sh mälts; sh môlts| (also schmalz)
noun informal
excessive sentimentality, esp. in music or movies.

so shut up already.

this word defined should be changed to 'Yiddish for American public school system' but it is also applied to 'journalism' and i agree.

because of that song from the 1990s that i will never EVER be able to use this word without actually singing that song... and hating every moment of it. and do not front, you know that song will get stuck in your head if you use the word "cumbersome" as well.

actually, one of my favorite words. [and frequently used in reference to anything from a queer boy's outfit or gelled hair, to the way my mouse sticks without allowing me to scroll.]

**but i really dislike the word because when i called a boy a 'faggot' in the fourth grade, my teacher forced me to write "i will not call thorn a faggit" and when i corrected her spelling, she made me write it one hundred more times.

**(see schlock AKA public school system)

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