Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a weekly update for End of July 2012

crafting. hot weather. joyful thrifting experiences. jewelry making & junk picking. This has been my summer recently. Did I mention it's HOT? ;)

Lately I've been trying to step up my looks with a more mature style. I noticed the hot weather made me curiously more & more sloppy about closet choices, so I've been splurging on new clothes. Of course, I needed new bling too-

my fiance covered that one and proposed on july 5th so NOW, I have a wedding to plan! yall know me, the southern yard sale diva; while he's the gentleman Brit. Opposites attract!

I'm thrilled to be blogging again, bur I won't inundate you with pics or words- or posts- just yet.

hope everyone is good & I hope to hear from you! Kelly