Thursday, March 17, 2011

tonight, tonight

Listening to Amy Winehouse... talking to my friend online. The wind is perfection this evening. Well, morning I should say. We're both talking about not having jobs and being hated in return for that. Haha. oh well!

I have had such a hard time lately... i've been drinking a lot more than usual. i went to the hospital last night and it just made me wonder why i am in this bad of shape after my fiancee started dating someone. it sucks.
God, i just wish i had a really great guy to share life with. someone who was as silly and fucking retarded as me. someone who was immature and okay with it. who didn't think having a bunch of money was the answer to all of life's problems.

i hung out at a downtown coffee shop tonight and drew in my sketchbook, ate some nachos, drank some water and then have a milkshake, followed by a huge piece of chocolate cake. LORDY. my gut was about to split in half. so art. yes.... did some of that.

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